Heart and Home Makeovers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free home makeovers to distressed families in Oklahoma. There are thousands of families suffering with challenging circumstances that need help with their home but don’t have the financial or mental margin to address it. Everyone deserves to live in a home that promotes peace, purpose, and belonging and we’re here to provide it. Through the help of generous donors and committed volunteers, we’re able to improve home life by creating environments that help families thrive.


Heart and Home Makeovers was founded by Deidra Livingood. In 2005, she began offering free bedroom makeovers to children affected by  tragedy. She always had a gift for interior design and believed she could use it to create spaces that brought peace and hope.

Through her own painful experiences of losing her father when she was 7 and her husband when she was 36, Deidra understands firsthand the importance of a strong and stable home life. “Our home environment either helps or hinders our growth. It’s vital to reshape family dynamics and refine interior spaces in a way that sets the stage for healing”.

Her desire to help even more families find healing and hope at home led her to formulate her longtime ministry into a Nonprofit Corporation in 2018. Prior to leading Heart and Home Makeovers, Deidra worked for Life .Church for 12 years and was the Central Team Leader of Operations where she helped oversee 27 campus locations across America. She is now focused on mobilizing the community to transform every distressed household into a powerhouse of hope and purpose.