Mackenzie’s Mama

This makeover was for Amber, and her two sons, Dylan and Sam. In 2016, Amber’s 10 year daughter, Mackenzie, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Her family spent the next year and a half in and out of the hospital fighting the disease. Sadly, in December of 2017, McKenzie passed away at the age of 11.

In the months to follow, Amber also went through a painful divorce. She now manages her household as a single mom as she raises her sons, ages 6 and 17.
As you can imagine, this family has been through so much. We had an opportunity to love on them by providing a home environment that will help them thrive.

Together, with business partnerships and individuals, we were able to:
– Transform Amber’s bedroom into a place where she can find peace and comfort
– Replaced a damaged exterior door to provide security and peace-of-mind for the family
– Provided updates and repairs to the kitchen to release stress and provide a place where their family can come together, cook, and eat as a family