Room to Dream

This makeover was for a single mom, Jackie, and her three daughters ages 12, 9, and 5. Over the last year, Jackie has encountered numerous health issues requiring her to see up to 16 doctors. She has always been a hard worker but her health challenges have affected her ability to work and manage daily activities. Unfortunately, the physical and financial hardships have made it difficult for Jackie to maintain her home, but our community was able to help.

Jackie lives in a house where her three daughters share a bedroom and Jackie sleeps on the couch. Jackie wanted to have a functional home where there is a sense of peace and belonging, especially for her children.

With the help of our Heart and Home Makeovers community, we were able to:

– Declutter, clean, & organize throughout the house
– Provide furnishings for the kids bedroom and living room
– Decorate and revitalize various rooms in the house