Saved By The Bells

In 2016, Kerry and Deborah Meier Bell  decided to become foster parents. Within weeks of fostering a sweet baby boy, their journey took a drastic turn. They received a call asking if they would be willing to take in the baby’s two siblings. They said yes! 
Without setting out to do so, their family quickly grew from a family of 6 to a family of 9. Adding THREE kids under the age of 5 created a lot of needs in the home. While food, clothing, and shelter were provided, there was more this family needed and there was no agency to provide it so we were contacted.
The Bells had so much love to give but they found themselves overwhelmed, as you can imagine. How do you adequately fit multiple kids in small bedrooms? How do you keep things organized? How do you find rest while raising children with so many different needs? How do you help foster children feel like they belong? How do you adjust to new family dynamics? These are the types of challenges that we address! 

While the Bell Family focused on loving and caring for the children, we partnered with the community to meet the needs of the home. Thanks to the generosity of people, businesses, and volunteers we were able to:

  • Provide new furnishings that met the family’s needs.
  • Repaired damage to the wall & floor from a water leak
  • Replaced flooring in 3 bedrooms
  • Created organization
  • Decorated & personalized the children’s bedrooms
  • Transformed the master bedroom so mom and dad could rest and recharge (because when you’re raising 7 kids you NEED a refuge)! 

It was an honor to provide relief during a trying time for a deserving family. Today, all 3 foster children have been adopted by the Bells and they are one big happy family!