Super Sammy

Mike and Dacia Harris are a young couple with two children, Sammy and Jack. “Super Sammy” was born with Heterotaxy Syndrome which has affected almost all his organs. He is 2 years old and lives with half a heart, rotated intestines, a flipped stomach, no spleen, no immunity, duplicated kidneys, and an enlarged liver.

Keeping Sammy healthy and functioning is a full time job. It has required multiple surgeries and many hospitalizations. It has also resulted in a home in need of repairs that could not be managed by the family alone. Medical bills and overwhelm have made it impossible to maintain the home by Mike and Dacia.

Their greatest need was replacing the flooring. Because Sammy vomits daily the carpet was disintegrating from constant cleaning. The carpet also holds dirt and allergens that were dangerous to their health.

Together, with business partnerships and individuals, we were able to:
– Replace all of the carpet with new water-proof flooring
– Provide bedroom makeovers for Sammy and Jack
– Update the kitchen, providing a safe and inviting space for Dacia and Mike to prepare meals for their family