Sutton Strong

Our Sutton Strong makeover was for Sutton, and her courageous family. Sutton has a plethora of health issues, including cerebral palsy. She’s only 2 years old and she’s already undergone 5 brain surgeries. Her mama works tirelessly to care for her and her siblings, one of which also has special needs. Her daddy juggles 3 jobs to try to make ends meet (imagine the medical bills and the stress).

Together, we partnered with businesses and individuals to offer relief and hope to a family that need it. We were able to:

– Widened the bathroom entrance so Sutton’s wheelchair will fit through.
– Repaired damage from a water leak by replacing flooring in Sutton’s bedroom and hallway
– Transformed Sutton’s bedroom so that it doesn’t feel like a hospital room (lots of medical supplies and equipment)
– Installed exterior drainage to prevent flooding
– Transformed the backyard so that it is safe for the 3 children, a space for mom and dad to relax and a place for the family to connect and make memories.